7th Generation Native American cultural arts trader.

Gilbert Ortega Native American Galleries is a world renowned cultural arts dealer located at 7155 E 5th Avenue Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Gilbert Ortega Native American Galleries is a 7th Generation Cultural Arts dealer. Gilbert Ortega's family has been trading with the Native American community since the early 1800's. The tradition has been one of love, respect, and passion for the native peoples hand made works of art and mastery from jewelry, pottery, baskets, weaves, and rugs its been a time honored tradition to bring these amazing works of art to the community for all to love and enjoy. Everything we carry is unique and authentic. We hope to continue to spread the nature and the culture of the Native American tribes for all to cherish and preserve there culture which is beautiful. Its a family tradition come see what we spent a lifetime sharing with others. It is truly something different.

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